Are you there God? It’s me Kimmie. We are still in frickin lockdown in Albania!


Week five

My lifeline to maintain my sanity and retain my marriage is being able to talk to family and friends either via audio or video calls.

Thank goodness for facetime, whatsapp and FB messenger I say!

I speak to my girl almost every day and have now organised a weekly call with a dear friend in Perth.

Plus, I’ve received messages from family in Geraldton, Canada plus messages and reactions to our social media stories, which is lovely.

For those that responded or commented or called or I have called I thank you muchly.

Video chatting with my girl

Week six

My sanity is returning, and we are finding our lockdown rhythm – thank goodness. There is more calmness mainly from me – who knew I could be such high maintenance 😉

We had a backward day to celebrate Easter Saturday on Mimpi. That means we had a sambuca shot before our fried rice breakfast and it was pretty much chilled after that, HA!

I defrosted and cleaned the fridge and we inflated the tender for repair – gotta find those damn little holes. I also made my version of hot cross buns with what I had on the boat.

We had a shower – happy dance and sampled a bottle of red wine that was a Christmas gift from the marina we stayed at in Lefkas. It was okay but the next-day-headache combined with strong winds overnight was not!


Lockdown update

Shops, banks and pharmacies are now open and we can move around the local area between 5am and 5pm for 90 minutes only.

Again, not ideal for the tourists without a car so we just do what we have been doing and are left alone.


Week seven

Getting into boat jobs like high pressure cleaning the deck and vacuuming. We are walking most days too.

Continuing to have calls with family and friends to maintain connection and sanity.



Who would have thought buying a boat on the other side of the world would turn into a global pandemic, curfew, lockdown and travel limitation – the world is going cray-cray.

This is where my lockdown journal entries end.

Things started moving again in July 2020 and we were able to move about more, explore and even go sailing.


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Marina bathroom rant

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