Bathroom talk

What the fark do boys do in the bathroom? When I say boys, I mean men, fully grown presumably functioning-out-in-the-world-men.

I realise the penis is a fascinating tool for anyone who has one but seriously you would think that after having it all of your life one would learn how to control it.

Okay, let me be clear – not dirty but clear.

I’m talking toilet action. I’m sure the mothers of these men would be horrified to see the state in which they leave the loo. Makes me wonder what their bathrooms at home look like and smell like – argh! Mental picture just formed…shake it off, shake it off, delete, delete.

Let me explain this bathroom rant

So, the bathroom facilities at Marina Orikum are certainly not five-star, not sure if they would be counted as one-star really. They are basic, require maintenance and smell whenever water runs down a drain. Yes, that happens often and so does the smell.

There are of course male and female facilities but for some reason the sign on the door doesn’t mean anything to the ‘boys’ that visit the marina. Often, I would be in the bathroom, approaching the bathroom or leaving the bathroom and a he, not a she would enter – what the?!?!

Whingy part

Okay this is the whingy part! I understand we are all there to complete the same job. But boys with their external waggles of eternal fascination can stand to complete some of their business. The waggles of those that frequented the female bathroom at Orikum could not get it in the bowl.

Then there were the number two – pooh – surprises. Toilets left unflushed, squiggy marks and indescribable messes that you do not want in your minds-eye. Need I say more?

Nonetheless, I had a whinge to the Marina Director who although he seemed to have zero control over the status, upkeep, or potential upgrade of said facilities apologetically agreed with me.

Happy dance

In response Kimmie got a dedicated female bathroom key – happy dance!

So, for the remainder of our unexpectedly long stay at Marina Orikum Kimmie was Queen of the female bathroom.

Nuf said!

Now back to Lockdown on a 38-foot sailboat.​