our dream

Back in 2016 we travelled around parts of Europe and found we kept gravitating to the coast. In a flash of the blinding obvious we thought ‘We should buy a boat!’ So, the journey began, and our dream began to take shape.

We sold all our stuff and that is a story in itself, and it took years!!

In 2018 the search began for a boat, the boat… our dream. We looked at sailboats in Perth, Western Australia and Adelaide, South Australia. There was one that came close in Sydney, New South Wales but we missed the boat you could say. Our search continued overseas in the UK, Portugal and Greece. Then in October 2019 we travelled to Preveza, Greece and found THE boat for us.

Since then, we have learnt sooo very much. We continue to learn new things about our boat, ourselves and each other every single day.

our story

G’day! We’re Kim and Stephen from beautiful Perth, Western Australia. Our gorgeous daughters are all adults now, so we ‘left home’ to explore more of the world.

our vlog journey

To avoid going completely crazy during the lockdown we started making videos to share with family and friend. You can follow along our journey so far.

recent adventures

Here you will find snippets from our adventures aboard our floating dream…Mimpi!

Let’s start at the beginning

Let’s start at the beginning

A summary - from the beginning This is a summary of 18 months in less than 500 words to catch you up. Plus, it means I can published this website and catch up at my own pace. When we departed Perth in November 2019, we or I had every intention to create a website and...

Lockdown in Albania continues

Lockdown in Albania continues

Are you there God? It’s me Kimmie. We are still in frickin lockdown in Albania!   Week five My lifeline to maintain my sanity and retain my marriage is being able to talk to family and friends either via audio or video calls. Thank goodness for facetime, whatsapp...