A summary – from the beginning

This is a summary of 18 months in less than 500 words to catch you up.

Plus, it means I can published this website and catch up at my own pace.

When we departed Perth in November 2019, we or I had every intention to create a website and start sharing our journey. Just like we did in 2016 on our KamarudinS.com website.

It all started in Greece

In the beginning, what happened…

We arrived at boat, prep’d boat, boat in water and then hung out at Preveza Marina and waited for our stuff to arrive from Australia.

We shared updates via social media and the website creation didn’t even enter my mind.

Our stuff arrived and we did our best to fit even more on our already full boat. Christmas and New Year came and went. It was cold! We celebrated with new friends.

Months passed, Schengen time ran out and we moved on to Albania.

Kim & Steve on MIMPI in Preveza, Greece November 2019

You are where?!?! Albania

We explored, we continued to share and then the world stopped… you know what I mean. I will explain that story here.

It is worthwhile to note it was during this time I started creating videos of our travels thus far and shared them on YouTube.

Marvellous in Montenegro

Fast forward from February to late July 2020 and we arrived in Bar, Montenegro. It was warm, we stayed in the marina for a couple of months and explored the local area. You can find out more about this here.

From there we ventured out on anchor for only our second time and then headed straight for the safety of Porto Montenegro in Tivat for winter. So, from October 2020 until May 2021 we were tucked in nice and safe in Tivat.

Again, we explored far and wide and then not at all with more lockdown and limitations of movement.

MIMPI in Greece
Food in Podgorica

When we were allowed out and about, we went hiking, went to Serbian language classes for at least 10 weeks. We joined other liveaboards and locals in some (not all) weekly exercise and yoga classes, we enjoyed fabulous Indian food from Masala Art, cocktails from Latitude 42 and enjoyed fun times with new friends.

Oh, and it snowed on the boat. Yup, that happened and although it was brief it was awesome!

Over winter we also did a major upgrade of our batteries and solar system – when it’s on YT I’ll post the link here.

In a flash – well, looking back to the beginning it seems like a flash – our winter stay at Porto Montenegro came to an end.

Just before we departed in May 2021, I discovered a dog shelter that needed volunteers. I did for a couple of weeks and will do again when we return to hunker down for next winter.

Phew – that’s it!

I’m sure there is more but for now that’s it for this instalment. How is that for a summary?

Of course, you can read more and find out more in other blogs but consider yourself caught up.