Right now, I’m sitting here stressing.

We are sitting at anchor in a bay off Korčula, Croatia – actually the bay is off Otok Badija which sits off Korčula to be exact.

I have asked Steve to sit in the cockpit to keep an eye out. The winds are blowing at 20 knots and gusting to almost 30 knots from the west which is the one direction our little anchorage isn’t protected from, thank you VERY much.

Exploring Korcula

We had a lovely morning exploring Korčula. We organised a water taxi to pick us up (200 Kuna) and take us to town. We found a laundry place and got that going. While waiting we found a nice spot to have breakfast. Then we met up with travel buddies and wandered around Old Town Korčula for a while.

After collecting our lovely clean and fresh smelling laundry we had a small lunch and headed back to Mimpi.

Stressing on Mimpi

Within an hour of our return the westerly winds kicked up – see above!

We had similar winds about the same time yesterday and today was supposed to be calmer, they said. But no! So, back to the fact I’m sitting here stressing – humf!

To be clear, our anchor is set, it’s holding fast, secure, stuck and not moving. BUT that doesn’t change the fact that the wind is howling, the boat is rocking and swaying and sailing in the breeze.

Plus, you just don’t know if or when that anchor may not hold. It’s one of those things about living on a boat. It creates uncertainty and therefore anxiety.

Steve is stressing too which is why, without me even having to say it out loud, he is sitting calmly but anxiously in the cockpit reading his book.

New boardshorts on, vest zipped up and beanie to protect his big brain. See…

Steve on lookout

Me, I’m hiding down below writing furiously in an attempt to distract myself and not eat everything sweet on the boat. It actually helps to write it down, to get it out.

Yes, the strong winds will pass, the sun will go down. The world will carry on and I will calm-my-farm and carry on to sail and anchor another day.

Until then, thanks for listening to my nervous rant …as you were xx

CAPTION: Mimpi at sunset when things calmed down a bit – thank goodness. Photo thanks to Laurie Thyrre.

Korcula calm